Thank You to Åre Cafe

I was so happy to have shared my photography at Åre Cafe-- one of my favorite places to meet and eat in Tokyo. I am very blessed to live between Tokyo, Japan and San Diego, California with my husband. It works perfectly with what I love doing: design, photography, travel, reading and running.  友達に会うときに、また食事でも大変よく利用させていただいている東京で最高にお気に入りのカフェÅre Café。 このカフェにおいて私が撮影した写真作品を展示する機会を戴きましたこと心より感謝申し上げます。夫と共にここ東京とサンディエゴを行き来しつつ、大好きなデザインや写真の仕事、旅、読書、そしてランニングを楽しめる幸運に恵まれたことに心から感謝しています。 Sand... Continue Reading →

Previously at Streamer Coffee Company in Shibuya

I am excited and thankful for the opportunity to be able to share my So Cal Coast series at Streamer Coffee-- my daily coffee stop and Japan’s award winning coffee house eight years running.  8年連続で日本のベストコーヒーショップに選ばれている、私にとって日々の憩いの場であるSteamer Coffeeにおいて、私のシリーズ作品「So Cal Coast~南カリフォルニア沿岸の風景」を皆さんにご覧頂けることを大変光栄に思います。 I'd love you to stop by and see my photos! And while you're there, treat yourself to... Continue Reading →

So Cal Coast

These are some of the photographs I've taken along the coast in Southern California. As a group this is my best selling series. I love the beach and always enjoy photographing the different elements such as the palm trees, and lifeguard towers. I overlaid a distressed texture and muted the colors in this collection. I... Continue Reading →

Bertie’s Bibles

This is a series of photographs that I took of old Bibles, most of them given to me by my grandmother. We called her Bertie. The first image featured here, placed in the International Photography Competition at the San Diego County Fair. It is my best selling photograph. Most of these Bibles have been loved... Continue Reading →

Japan Gardens

The gardens in Japan are truly special! You may have to actually walk in them to fully appreciate their beauty and serenity. Interesting textures; lush green trees, ferns, moss and bamboo; stone or rock focal elements such as stone statues, stone lanterns, rock boulders, and stone pathways. I will add to this series regularly.

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