Election Sign and Walking Card

I created this yard sign (top) for Vista Mayor Judy Ritter's re-election campaign, and the coordinating walking card (bottom, front and back). She wanted something similar to the materials I created for her election campaign four years ago. I used the same colors and similar use of white space, with a fresher new font.

Japan X-League Game Ticket

This is a game ticket that I designed for the Meiji Yasuda Penta Ocean Pirates, an American football team in the Japan X-League. They requested the predominant feature on the front side to be "Go Pirates Nation", and for the back to be in grayscale with the season schedule. The QR code (square scannable code)... Continue Reading →

Palomar College- Paramedic Class 50

I designed these logos for the 50th graduating class of Palomar College's Paramedic School. They wanted to have specially designed T-shirts, and a logo for various other things. A small variation of the first logo was used as the main logo, and they had belt buckles carved from the second design (metal without color). The... Continue Reading →


Hi, I'm Tori. Welcome to my website! I'd like to share a few things to help you find your way around: Click on any image or post to see more images in that portfolio. Once you've done that, you'll find a search bar on the right side, as well as the option to click on... Continue Reading →

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